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Who we are?

We are a young, energetic and enthusiastic team of outdoor professionals having a pan India presence. Our endeavor is to teach others to appreciate and conserve the outdoor environment.

We believe in real life adventures like climbing mountains, fording wild rivers, exploring remote regions, facing storms, bungee jumping, touching the sky with hot air balloon, skydiving, paragliding, surviving alone in the wilderness. All this comes with our experience and proven expertise making it completely safe for even the novices.

It is our commitment to offer our clients the correct advice on safaris & night stay packages in corbett tiger reserve and provide efficient services much beyond the "value for money" criteria - so that when our guests depart from corbett after a jeep safari or a night stay package, they leave with a sense of pride and a feeling of being looked after and served well, encouraging them to recommend us & our services to their nears & dears !!

Our expert and professional drivers have many years of experience in driving on the rugged terrain of corbett which is very Important for your safety and as our drivers are wildlife knowledgeable - this aspect adds more flavour to the jungle jeep safari and improves the experience - our drivers work & try very hard to locate the elusive tiger - now the cynosure of every tourists questing eye, with the alarm calls and tell tale signs left behind by these majestic beasts.

Since our drivers are well versed with the all the safari zones of corbett national park and knowledgeable about the day to day changes in the movement of wild animals - your chances of tiger sightings multiply many times !!

Jeep safaris can be operated by anybody - but doing a jeep safari with an expert driver is a totally different and of course a memorable experience !!!!

"If our hands-on proven experience and in your-face attitude is not reason enough, check out our strength."

Our mission:

  • Quality
  • Respect
  • Challenge - "what is adventure without challenge"
  • Growth
  • Fun

Why Us?

  • One stop shop for all your adventure need
  • Trained staff & world class safety
  • Learning with fun
  • Unique wilderness programs and extended expeditions to remote and untouched parts of the Himalayas
  • At our training program you learn to be a good outdoors person
  • Other program talk about leadership with us you will do it
  • We provide employment opportunities to the locals
  • Outstanding services

Our philosophy

  • Believe
  • Dream
  • Dare
  • Do

Our Services

  • Adventure & Educational Excursions
  • Overnight Adventure Camps within the school premises
  • Experiential Learning based programs
  • Workshops on disaster management
  • High & Low Altitude Trekking Expedition
  • Mountaineering Expeditions
  • Jeep Safari
  • Adventure Events
  • White Water Rafting & many more...

What will you take back?

  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • "Expedition Behavior": including tolerance for adversity, communication, vision and action
  • Judgment & decision making
  • Student expeditions
  • Team building
  • Problem solving
  • Self-confidence
  • Motivating others
  • Competence
  • Self-awareness